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Welcome to Mediation Ireland

Property Mediation Ireland was established to offer to Individuals, Advisory Bodies and Professional Advisers a route to access a quality partner to assist with all types of commercial mediation-as well as specialising in Property and Real Estate dispute resolution throughout Ireland.

Mediation and particularly that of Property and Construction Mediation is rapidly becoming the primary chosen route of parties in dispute requiring a speedy,fair,cost effective resolution of their issues before having recourse to Arbitration or the Court system.

Principles of Mediation


What is Mediation?

Mediation is a dynamic, structured, interactive process where a neutral third party assists disputing parties in resolving conflict through the use of specialised communication and negotiation techniques.

The purpose of mediation is to find a mutually acceptable solution which can be translated into a written agreement signed by both parties.

The principles of mediation are clear; it is voluntary, it is non-judgemental, it is respectful engagement, it is always confidential, and as the parties move through their issues towards resolution, it is objective, independent and facillitive.


What Happens At A Mediation?

Most mediations last one day (Some more complex disputes may take longer) This helps the parties focus on the key issues.

There will be some pre mediation contact by the mediator with the parties/lawyers to ensure everyone is comfortable and all will go smoothly on the day.

The day will start when the mediator meets and greets the parties, separately at first. This leads to an open meeting between both parties and mediator where both parties have an opportunity to discuss the issue(s) to be resolved.

The day will continue to examine the pertinent points at issue and how best to address a solution to them. If a settlement is reached it will be put in writing and signed by each party.

Mediation is effective because the mediator is an independent neutral who is committed to helping the parties to settle, but who does not have a stake in the dispute or outcome.


Why use Mediation?

For Business;
Mediation gives a good chance of avoiding lengthy and expensive litigation as 8 out of 10 successfully settle. Business people avoid wasting valuable management time and progress rapidly forward.

For Professional Advisers;
Mediation offers a greater chance of having a satisfied client so generate further business-all clients like to be helped to successfully negotiate deals in resolving disputes rapidly and cost effectively.

Success Rates

  • It should be noted that not all disputes can be successfully resolved and     although 80% approx. (CIArb UK Figures 2016) are, some are not.
  • This is unfortunate as the next steps open to disputing parties will definitely be more painful and expensive (The Courts or Arbitration) than this powerful form of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) is.


  • Fees are negotiable according to need but normally are graded in relation to the amount of claim in dispute.
  • Fees will always be agreed, in writing, prior to any mediation and normally will include costs such as meeting room, travel, etc.
  • Property Mediation Ireland is, of course, fully insured and carry full Professional Indemnity Insurance, a copy is available by request.

Advantages to Mediation

  • Mediation is now viewed as an effective alternative to the more traditional forms of dispute resolution. Some of the reasons for this are;
  • Less time consuming than either litigation or arbitration,
  • Low cost, as mediation is a fraction of the cost of either of the above,
  • Totally voluntary, unlike litigation,
  • Fully confidential
  • Sustainable, as both parties decide remedy,
  • Parties control their own outcome, as opposed to imposed decisions via litigation
  • Process is flexible, open and creative,
  • Respect for other party is key,
  • Leads to a win/win outcome.


Is Mediation Enforceable?
What Commitment do i give in Mediation?
How Long Will Mediation take and where will it be held?
Who should attend the mediation?
What paperwork will be required to be signed?
How do i progress to mediation?

Who we are



Property Mediation Ireland is headed up by Ray Finlay.

Ray is a certified and accredited Mediator with The Mediation Institute of Ireland and an Associate of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Ray has a wealth of experience and knowledge of Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) having been a long standing member of both Disciplinary Committee and Membership Committee of the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers.
Ray has in excess of thirty years practical property experience as having his own successful business involved in all spheres of Commercial, Residential and Agricultural Agency as well as valuation, Acquisition and Construction.
Ray has been a member of the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers since 1983.He was invited by council to sit on National council of that body being elected President of IPAV for 2000/2001.

Ray is currently a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers, a Certified and Accredited Mediator with the Mediation Institute of Ireland, an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, a Member of the Confederation of European Estate Agents, a TEGOVA recognised Valuer and Ray is also a Peace Commissioner.

Ray is available to discuss your, or your clients’,dispute, in whichever part of Ireland you may be in, in total confidence.

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